How to Add a New Website on IIS

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If you are looking to add a new website to your IIS server, this blog post is for you.  This article will guide you through the process of adding IIS websites on IIS servers. The first step is to launch the IIS Manager and create an IIS site by clicking “Add Web Site” in the Actions pane. After that, select the type of application that you would like associated with your site from one of these choices: HTTP handler, HTTPS handler, or management handler. If you select “Management application” then the next step would be to add a new application pool. After that, choose whether your site will support ASP and enter the name of an existing virtual directory in IIS if it exists already.

  1. Open IIS on your system by going through the Windows navigation menu. Alternatively, type inetmgr into the run window to open IIS straight away.
  2. Expand the tree in the left side base and choose Sites in the drop-down menu. Then, when you right-click on Sites, click Add Website.
  3. Fill out the website name, select an IP address and choose which site you want to bind this new application. Then click OK after entering a physical path for your directory or leave it blank if you are using virtual directories instead.
  4. Select “Management Handler” from one of these three options: Management Application, HTTPD handler, or Httpsdhandler. If you select management application then the next step would be adding a new app pool. After that, decide whether your site supports ASP/ASPNET and enter the name of existing websites in IIS if they already exist on your system.
  5. Open up Windows explorer by going through start menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer. Alternatively, type ‘explorer’ into run window.

How do I give permission to a folder in IIS?

Many applications require a path to be set in the application’s configuration file. When created, this folder will automatically have read permissions for everyone and write access only for administrators. Those using Windows Server must use an administrator account with full control on all files within that directory including subdirectories while those on personal computers can leave these settings at their discretion.

Using Explorer, navigate to your website or virtual directory (if you do not yet have a site/virtual server defined). Right-click it and select Properties from the menu list. Within Properties dialog box go to Web Sharing tab- if checked Internet Information Services uses Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Publishing features – uncheck this option so as not work properly next steps of this article), then look “Add Virtual Directory” button.

In the “Add virtual directory” window type a name for this new website or virtual directory and then browse to that server using Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path as follows: \\servername\folder_name where servername is your own IIS web-server machine name or IP address if you have configured it in your local network, folder_name – the desired subdirectory of the main site, usually it must be created beforehand.

If both steps are done correctly, you should see now under \”Remote Web Site\” list a newly added entry with all directories/subdirectories included into this place from a remote computer.

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