Beware all those who read the following, they are the irreverent ramblings of a heretic …

Religious beliefs are so tricky. For the true believer no alternatives can be possible. Their minds are closed.

I was once a devout believer of Hungarian notation. Charles Simonyi was my guiding light. My strings were all szDecorated, and I was at peace with the world.

But, as with all religions, there were those who would not accept the one true way. Hedonistic forces held sway at Microsoft, and .Net naming conventions repudiated Hungarian notation!

I was thrown into confusion, and my world disintegrated around me! Had I been led astray? Were my beliefs really so faulty? All those years, for nothing?

And then I noticed something incredibly suspect about the preachings of the anti-Hungarian notationalists. Despite their adamant claim that Hungarian notation was evil, they in reality espoused a corrupted form of Hungarian notation themselves!

Yes, it is true, the anti-Hungarian notationalists are inconsistent! They call for the abolition of Hungarian notation, while preaching the following doctrine:

– The names of interfaces must start with the letter I.
– The names of generic types must start with the letter T.

Why was this? How could they ask me to give up one faith for a new one that contradicted itself?

And then one day my turmoil was resolved! In a moment of revelation the great nerd in the sky spoke to me: “Do not follow the preaching of others! Create your own religion, be true to yourself, and say to hell with the forces of conformity. It will be a rocky road, and you will be held in contempt, but you will discover an inner peace that not even Hungarian notation gave you.”

I call my new religion “one-garian notation”.

It can be considered to be a further development (or corruption, if you will) of the .Net naming conventions, where not just the names of interfaces and generic types have specific one-character prefixes, but the following as well:

– The names of constants must start with the letter C.
– The names of delegates must start with the letter D.
– The names of enumerators must start with the letter E.

That’s it. One-garian notation (named because it is based on one-character prefixes) is the same as .Net naming conventions, plus the use of three additional one-character rules, for a total of five.

I do not expect my new religion to attract any followers. In fact, I expect to be scorned and ridiculed. Such is the lot of heretics.

Please have a nice day.

PS. I originally posted this almost exactly seven years ago on another blog that I maintained for a while. How time flies ...

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